Tegan and Sara It's Not Fun. Don't Do It

Calgary’s favourite cutesy pop rock twins are gaining a lot of attention touring with big names around the world, a spotlight that is definitely deserved after a ten-year career that saw the girls grow from "Freedom” fighting teenagers into vocally loving and longing young women. The live portion of the disc was filmed at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre after the moderately successful release of So Jealous. The songs are played well but the sisterly banter that makes their concerts special is largely omitted. After watching the music video portion of the disc it’s immediately apparent why they never received much television airplay. Every single video is unfortunately wretched and, taken in after the bizarre marionette portion, downright baffling. Let’s just say it’s easy to miss the various directors’ artistic visions. The most intriguing bit is the short tour montage and the footage from the making of So Jealous. It gives fans insight into the personalities of Tegan and Sara, as well as the long, arduous process that comprises making a record and touring it. Die-hard fans will appreciate this the most, while casual ones could forget about it. (Maple Music)