Teenanger Teenanger

Right now this release is only available as a limited run of tapes (oh, sweet Generation Y nostalgia), but hopefully it won’t take long for it find its way onto a few more dubbed reels or lathed grooves. Featuring three-fourths of the new-defunct Quebexico, one of Toronto’s more demented and inventive art-punk purveyors, Teenanger kick out a slightly slower, more pre-punk style of rock’n’roll than their members’ previous outfit. A song like "Captain Eyeliner” rocks like a more vicious incarnation of Dick Dale, borrowing heavily from bands like MC5 and New York Dolls. Comparisons to the aforementioned artists are somewhat unavoidable, but the band possess an entirely modern swagger that seems to indicate a winking, conscious avoidance of anything produced after 1979. (Telephone Explosion)