Tear Into Tracks by Fucked Up, Liars, Joker and More in Click Hear

Tear Into Tracks by Fucked Up, Liars, Joker and More in Click Hear
By this point, you've likely heard that old grumbling that the album is dead. And while we at Exclaim! find that a little hard to believe, there's no denying the need for a killer one-off single now and then. So, head to Click Hear, where you can find our daily picks for the latest and greatest tracks to listen to or download.

This week, we checked out the latest song by Edmonton three-piece Outdoor Miners, called "Twelve Hundred Dollars," which is a catchy slice of guitar pop that the band have offered up on their latest seven-inch, while New York experimental dance-punkers-turned-noise-rockers Liars have turned in three new videos, the soundtrack to which we are guessing must be snippets from their upcoming album, Sisterworld.

Meanwhile, Polaris Music Prize winners Fucked Up are just about ready to turn in their album of collected songs from their pre-Chemistry of Common Life days, and we suggest you check out the collection's "Neat Parts." We're also digging "Tron," the latest single from East Bristol dubstep up-and-comer Joker, who demonstrates his penchant for mixing videogame sounds with swooping synths.

Finally, check out Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada's "Cara De Yo No Fui" (Ancient Astronauts remix), which is a darker, more dub-wise take on the original from the forthcoming re-release of their summer album, Coconut Rock.

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