​Taylor Swift Adopted the Cat from Her "ME!" Video

​Taylor Swift Adopted the Cat from Her 'ME!' Video
Taylor Swift returned to Ellen this morning, four years since her last visit, and the pair caught up with each other about Swift's latest furry family member.
The pop star introduced fans to her new cat, Benjamin Button, a few weeks ago, and it turns out she actually met the feline friend on the set of her latest music video.
Swift told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres that the cat was actually a "little cat actor," intended to serve as a gift from Brendon Urie to Swift in the "ME!" video. But apparently when Swift held the kitty before filming, he started "purring like a motor," and when she was told he didn't have a permanent owner, she jumped at the opportunity.
The cat-loving singer also talked about her upcoming role in the CATS movie, and her over-enthusiastic attendance at "cat school" to prepare for it.
See her cat-centric clips below. Watch her full appearance on Ellen here.