Tate McRae Developed a Britney Spears-Inspired Alter Ego Because She's Too "Awkward and Canadian"

Tatiana appears on recent singles "greedy" and "exes"

Photo: Lissyelle Laricchia

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 17, 2023

You've met Tate McRae, now allow me to introduce... Tatiana? The Calgary-born pop singer revealed to Rolling Stone today that she's had to embody a mysterious alter ego to make her latest biting cuts.

"I'm very awkward and Canadian," McRae told journalist Waiss Aramesh. "Sometimes too nice for my own good. I do feel like I step into a different body sometimes when I'm doing songs like ''greedy' and 'exes,'" she explained referring to her huge 2023 hit and the brand new single poised to follow in its footsteps. 

If her stage presence is any indication of said alter ego, it may be based on none other than Britney Spears — someone McRae cites as an inspiration for both her hard-hitting choreography and pop diva persona, Tatiana. 

"I mean, obviously I watch Britney's music videos all the time, because I think no one really did it like her," she remarked. "She always crushed her music videos and the dancing."

Prior to making her musical debut, McRae was on 2016's 30th season of the American reality show So You Think You Can Dance, where she placed third — higher than any Canadian in the show's history.

Today's "exes" and "greedy," already streamed to the hundreds of millions since coming out in September, are both part of McRae's upcoming sophomore album Think Later. The project, executive produced by Ryan Tedder, arrives December 8.

Check out the "exes" music video below for a glimpse at Tatiana McRae in all her glory. 

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