Café Cléopatre, Montreal QC, November 17

Photo: Luke Orlando

BY Stephen CarlickPublished Nov 18, 2016

With a new record, Do Easy, on the horizon, Toronto-and-Montréal dream-pop outfit Tasseomancy treated M for Montreal-goers to a set of Kate Bush-indebted pop gems from the album at Café Cléopatre.

"This is going well, right?" Sari Lightman asked early in the set. It's a question that might indicate nerves from some; from the Lightmans, it felt a part with their loose, freewheeling, welcoming nature.
It was their first time performing their new songs. Just a trio — Sari played bass and band triggered synth washes, Romy Lightman swayed and sang and drummer Johnny Spence kept time — they nonetheless sounded full and rich on songs like "Wiolyn," their melodies catchy enough to be heard even through low-volume mics on "Jimi Infiniti."

They lost the crowd now and then, but then, theirs was never meant to please a buzzed midnight festival crowd. Those close to the stage were enraptured, and rightly so. It does raise the question, though: Can Tasseomancy reach beyond the first few rows?

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