Stephen Colbert Reveals the Pseudonyms of Celebrities in His Phone

Conan O'Brien is nicknamed "Pale Male," naturally

Photo via 'The Late Show' on Facebook

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 16, 2023

If Stephen Colbert ever loses his phone, the person who finds it won't be able to find all of the numbers of the talk show host's famous friends. That's because Colbert keeps celebrities in his phone under pseudonyms, and he's now revealed what some of those nicknames are.

Speaking with comedian John Mulaney on The Late Show, Colbert got onto the subject of the play A Man for All Seasons, which was turned into an Oscar-winning film in 1966.

Colbert said, "In my phone — speaking of speaking of secret things you're not supposed to reveal — some of my famous friends, I have under fake names. Like, Conan [O'Brien] is 'Pale Male,' and Jon Stewart is 'Doofus.' And you are 'The Common Man,' who is a character from the play A Man for All Seasons."

Mulaney clarified, "When I call you, it says 'The Common Man Is Calling'?" When Colbert responded in the affirmative, Mulaney called it "really funny."

Watch the exchange below. The discussion of A Man for All Seasons begins around 4:15 in the 20-minute chat.

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