Syd Vogue Theatre, Vancouver BC, November 24

Syd Vogue Theatre, Vancouver BC, November 24
Photo: Sharon Steele
Syd, best known for her work with the Internet and Odd Future, stole the spotlight for herself at the Vogue Theatre last night (November 24).

Performing in support of her recent solo EP, Always Never Home, she was met by a devoted audience who had followed her since the beginnings of her band. Accompanied by a highly intuitive keyboardist as well as track, Syd's understated confidence and humble presence was welcomed by the crowd.
Her set spanned her career, from Internet tracks like "Girl" to her Kaytranada feature "You're The One" to "Insecurities" off of her debut album, which was released to acclaim this February.
Concertgoers echoed Syd's lyrics back to her with gusto throughout the night, oftentimes threatening to upstage her reserved voice. The bass occasionally swallowed her vocals for those further back from the stage, but this did little to detract from the show.
It was the keyboard-led and percussive tracks that sounded best in the space, especially the aforementioned "You're The One," with its ever so tight beats and synths.
Syd typically finds her power in the quiet intensity and sensuality of her songs, rarely unleashing her full voice — which made a moment of vocal abandon at the end of "Girl" that much sweeter, fully demonstrating her range.
"Got Her Own" heard Syd calling out to the "independent women" in the audience, as they repeated its softly delivered hook. She balanced that vulnerability with confidence, though, inviting the crowd to join her on "All About Me": "Take care of the family that you came with / We made it this far and it's amazing."
Syd's energy and playful interaction with fans created a comfortable intimacy; she asked them who had been with her since the beginning of her career, if any entrepreneurs were in the audience, and repeatedly stated that she never thought she would have "[come] this far as an artist."
If last night's concert is any indication, she's just getting started.

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