Suuns Return with 'FICTION' EP

Hear the record's first teaser track "PRAY"
Suuns Return with 'FICTION' EP
Montreal's Suuns are returning with a new mini-effort. Called FICTION, the band's latest will arrive on October 30 via Secret City Records/Joyful Noise Recordings.

The EP is made up of six tracks, and you can hear one of those, "PRAY," now down below. The song was originally set to appear on Suuns' 2016 album Hold/Still, but it ultimately never appeared on the record.

"It didn't make the cut, probably because we loved it so much and thought we had an even better version of it in us," said the band's Liam O'Neill in a statement. "We subsequently tried to record multiple versions of this song, none of which captured the unhinged energy of this live-off-the-floor performance. Discovering this lost jam and its power felt like a reminder to keep in the moment and to trust ourselves — you just have to keep moving forward."

Beyond "PRAY," the EP features longtime collaborator Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart) on the song "BREATHE" and Lightning Dust's Amber Webber on the track "DEATH."

Of the EP as a whole, a press release explains the following:

On the FICTION EP, new sounds and sonic directions are fashioned out of old. A year-long period of limited resources and contact inspired the band to reflect on the various environments in which they've created music over the years: to comb through their previous sounds and creative approaches, and fuse them together with new ideas, ultimately producing a sort of future/past alchemy. The FICTION EP is as much a project of curation as it is one of creation: sifting, re-imagining, and re-framing, sometimes completely disassembling and then building from the ground up. Each song is a live-off-the-floor recording that was then taken into isolation and re-worked.

A press release promises more new Suuns material to arrive in 2021, but for now, get ready for FICTION by streaming "PRAY" below.



2. BREATHE (ft. Jerusalem In My Heart)
5. DEATH (ft. Amber Webber)

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