​Surf Dads Unveil Debut LP 'All Day Breakfast,' Premiere "Up All Night"

​Surf Dads Unveil Debut LP 'All Day Breakfast,' Premiere 'Up All Night'
Regina indie rockers Surf Dads delivered some sunshine-y fun with their Summer Vacation EP last year, but they're looking to serve up some more year-round fare on their debut album. All Day Breakfast is slated to hit the table on April 7.
The album artwork is pictured above, while the full 12-song tracklisting can be found below.
According to a press release, the band's first LP boasts a sound described as "more akin to West Coast acts than that of the Canadian prairie towns of which they were raised."
If lead single "Up All Night" is any indication, that means we should be getting more bright, upbeat, pop-leaning garage rock in the months to come. Right now, get the first glimpse into the new record by streaming said song in the player down below.
All Day Breakfast:
1. Up All Night
2. Fall Apart
3. Pinpoint
4. Scary Liza
5. Head/ Heart
6. Sit and Yearn
7. Apologies
8. Thin Walls
9. On Lend
10. Vices
11. Holly
12. Wound Up