Supersilent 7

BY David DacksPublished Apr 1, 2006

The latest Supersilent release is a DVD-only presentation of their furious Nordic improv. The near-two-hour concert is shot in moody black and white, and features no extras. It's all about four pasty, skinny guys getting their non-linear groove on in front of a rapturous audience we never see. With only six compositions taking up two hours, it's one epic after another. Almost every tune starts slowly and breathily in an ECM-ish way, mixed with a Rick Wakeman-like keyboard styling, before building into storms of blurps and bleeps anchored by Jarle Vespestad's cascading drums. The focus belongs to the remarkable "trumpet and beyond" sonics of Arve Henrickson, who also contributes wordless vocals that bring to mind choirboys and Mike Patton. Although the effect of this high volume non-linearity is dulling after the hour-plus mark, there is always something unique to each piece to ensure differences between each opus. (Rune Gramofon,

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