Supersilent 13

BY Nilan PereraPublished Nov 22, 2016

From the opening electro-Cambodian court music ritual vibe on Supersilent 13, one readily grasps the wide-ranging possibilities that follow on this new release from Supersilent. Quite simply, this release is a mind-bending smorgasbord of everything from ambient drones to glitchy cantilevered oddities to techno/darkwave throwdowns, and it's all executed with a really solid and acute musicality that makes astute use of silence and texture.
This not to say that it is cold or academic: far from it. Each track is organic and fully realized in a compositional sense, realized in a way that emphasizes clarity and separation of sounds as an integral part of the form itself. Mixing a piece is critical to electro-acoustic music, and as such, Supersilent (a trio on this release) prove equal to the best classical electroacoustic music has to offer.
The added bonus is the way this release is inclusive of the familiar textures of more poplar electronics. It's wide open and intelligent, and comes highly recommended.
(Smalltown Supersound)

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