Superjoint Ritual Live At CBGB

This is a short DVD that delivers the goods in true SJR fashion; it's hard to deny that the band shreds hard, although the songs all end up as a blur soon enough. The trouble with this band usually comes with the interviews, although they're well-behaved/edited enough here to be simply amusing and not offensive. The quality of the live show is good and captures the intensity of this rare intimate gig nicely. It was the band's first time playing the legendary NYC club and although the members (even Phil!) admit they were a bit nervous, they put on a good show. At 40 minutes, hardcore fans may be a bit let down though. Also, two promo videos and some interviews round this DVD off, although the feeling that this was rushed together permeates the whole thing. No in between song banter, thank heavens. (Sanctuary/EMI)