Supastition 7 Years of Bad Luck

With his MCing name and album title, you would be forgiven for thinking this North Carolina-based MC was someone plagued by self-doubt. Nothing could be further from the truth. Drawing on his various hard knock experiences, Supastition's hunger and passion on the mic is tangible and is the driving force behind this release. Adding his clever metaphors, tenacious and witty lyrics, Supastition is clearly equipped with the necessary tools for the MCing trade. Therefore it becomes easy to identify with him on "Da Waiting Period" where he bemoans the lack of response to demo tapes he sends out and on "Hip Hop vs Life" where he struggles to balance art and everyday realities. His discussion of his relationships with his daughter and mother and significant other also reveal a sincere vulnerability. But most of the time we find Supastition in battle-ready mode as the bruising opener "Live Like Dat" and the hard-hitting "Crown Me" demonstrate. His versatility combined with the very tight production by his crew of virtual unknowns including Sarcastic, his track-helming alter ego, ensures this record is solid and remarkably consistent. It's easy to see why Rasco, another fiercely relentless MC, has taken an interest in him. The Cali Agent will be releasing future material from Supastition on his own Pockets Linted imprint and with his profile set to increase after this release it looks like Supastition's luck is about to change for the better. (Freshchest)