Supastition The Deadline

In case you haven’t noticed, hip-hop from North Carolina has been turning a lot of heads recently. Not previously seen as a hip-hop hotbed, the emergence of underground heroes Little Brother and their formidable Justus League crew have helped to put the area in the spotlight. This situation can only help relentless rhyme slinger Supastition. After all, this North Carolina-based MC released his lyrically brilliant Seven Years of Bad Luck to an undeserving, indifferent reaction a couple of years ago. But having contributed the standout "The Williams” to the Okayplayer True Notes Vol. 1 compilation and setting the table for his sophomore project with this strong EP, it’s clear Supastition is hungry for overdue recognition. Boasting beefed-up production on this release, it becomes harder to front on Supa’s skills when confronted with certified bangers "Boombox” and "Step It Up,” both scored by producer M-Phases. While his technical proficiency is unquestioned, Supastition wouldn’t be a well-rounded MC without compelling content. His poignancy and honesty when discussing the trials and tribulations of everyday life have always been a constant. On "Soul Searching,” he’s furtively searching for a meaning to his life intensified by familial pressures, and his bitterness toward industry shenanigans and shady individuals come to a head on the rueful "If I Knew.” The bitter frustration he so vividly describes indicates that the deadline he has set does not only stand for artistic recognition but also coincides with personal decisions marking intolerance for superficiality and a yearning for loyalty and respect. (Soulspazm)