Sufjan Stevens "Mr. Frosty Man" (video)

Sufjan Stevens 'Mr. Frosty Man' (video)
Sufjan Stevens may already be promoting his next Xmas-themed box set Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10, but don't forget that we've still got Halloween to get through. Director Lee Hardcastle clearly hasn't, as he's offered up a cartoonishly hyper-violent claymation clip for the set's "Mr. Frosty Man," which will have you guffawing over the gore one last time before trying to straighten up for Santa's nice list.

The video for the spectacularly sloppy, lo-fi garage number finds a family's Christmas dinner interrupted by some nuclear-bred brain-munchers looking to feast on more than a turkey drumstick. As they tear apart the father and feast upon the goo inside, a heroic shotgun- and chainsaw-toting snowman slides in to try to save the day.

Organs are ripped from stomachs, the undead get a mouthful of lead and a surprise villain might have the upper hand on Mr. Frosty, but you'll have to peep the clip in full to find out what happens next.

As previously reported, Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10 drops November 13 through Asthmatic Kitty.