Sue Foley Change

Being recognised as the leading lady on the Canadian blues scene is rather a big fish in a small pond scenario. The holder of that title, Sue Foley, also has a following in the States, however, dating back to her time of residence in Austin and steady work at the famed Antone’s club. Now Ontario-based, the singer-songwriter continues to work diligently at her craft. Her oft explosive guitar playing is what first garnered attention, but it is her vocals that have improved most over the years. Time has given her voice a real resonance, one reminiscent of the classic blues and jazz singers. Change is a live album (absolutely no overdubs) recorded last December in Toronto club, Hugh’s Room. The disc features some strong new Foley originals, as well as convincing covers of tunes by WC Handy (the classic "Careless Love”), Memphis Minnie (a key inspiration), and George Harrison ("Here Comes the Sun”). She is in fine form, her three backing musicians are right on the money, and the crowd noise is mercifully minimal. (Justin Time)