Sublime Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations (Collector's Edition)

Consisting mostly of poorly shot and even more poorly edited interviews with people whom you would hope might have something interesting to say about the band (they don't), Stories is for hardcore fans only. The rare and old live footage is impressive, proving that Sublime truly were something special straight out of the gate. Yet while these moments save this release from becoming a complete waste of plastic, the interview segments fight fairly hard to crush any sign of goodness. With the poorest lighting ever captured in a documentary, combined with some of the driest anecdotes ever recorded, past band members, family members and fans like Gwen Stefani and Ron Jeremy mostly fail in bringing to light exactly what it was that made Sublime, and particularly lead singer Bradley Nowell, so special in the time they were given. Plus: music videos, commentary, interviews. (Cornerstone,