Live '94 - '96

BY Dan CohenPublished Nov 1, 2002

Stoners and frat kids everywhere take notice. On this DVD, you can finally see a live show of the band you smoked your life away to. Recorded mainly at the inaugural Warped Tour in 1995, many of Sublime's most famous songs are captured here. However, there are some notable missing songs, especially from their self-titled album, which, of course, was released in 1996 after most of the footage here. Live '94 – ‘96 is by no means a professionally recorded collection of concert footage; most of it is in black & white, the sound is horrible, and the band seems to be oblivious to the fact that they are being recorded, so there aren't many great shots. I guess that's to be expected since most of this footage was probably shot as home videos, but you're not likely to find a more extensive collection of Sublime videos unless you devote your life to collecting their bootlegs. There are a few choice moments on the DVD that will appeal to most Sublime fans, including a punked-up version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," and the band on stage with Ron Jeremy. The DVD is chalk full of corporate advertising, including a preview of an upcoming Sublime biography and the menus aren't particularly appealing either. But if you're considering buying the DVD you're probably only after one thing, Sublime footage, and this DVD sure has it, quality be damned. (Corner Stone R.A.S.,

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