The Strumbellas "Sailing" (video)

The Strumbellas 'Sailing' (video)
The snowy new music video for "Sailing" by the Strumbellas looks a bit like it was filmed in the northern tundra, but was actually captured in Sudbury, ON.

We see the band makes get blasted with icy wind as they make their way through the unforgiving winter landscape. Not everyone completes the journey successfully, but the triumphant-sounding folk tune adds some levity to the struggle. It was directed by Steve Jocz, formerly of Sum 41.

Singer Simon Ward said in a statement, "Our band had two choices for our next music video, it was either a beach theme in Miami, Florida involving beach volleyball, tropical drinks with those little umbrellas in them and riding jet skis with '80s action movie stars, or go up north to Sudbury in the middle of February for an arctic explorer theme and spend two days waling through the snow in freezing cold temperatures. Naturally, we did what any true Canadian would."

The song comes from the band's Juno-nominated album We Still Move on Dance Floors.