STORRY Turns the Lights Down Low in Her "For No One" Video

Watch the Karimah Zakia Issa-directed video now
STORRY Turns the Lights Down Low in Her 'For No One' Video
In June, STORRY celebrated Pride Month with the Junia-T-produced single "For No One," and the Juno-nominated artist has now given the slow-burning single the music video treatment.

The Karimah Zakia Issa-directed clip makes the most of a quarantine bathroom shoot, treating sensual footage with clever edits and attention to shape and colour.

"It's fun working under restrictions," STORRY recalled of the shoot. "There are only so many rooms in a house, only so many camera movements you can achieve, only so much lighting options you have, or ideas you can devise that pertain to one person in one space."

She continued: "We knew we wanted 'For No One' to be sensual. But how could we do it without another person in front of the camera with me? Though most of my projects are more narrative-based with little lip-syncing action, we wanted this video to breathe and leave more space for the music. For lighting, we used the colours of the lips used on the single art cover, which are representative of the bisexual flag — red, purple and blue."

"For No One" is the first single from STORRY's forthcoming EP INTERLUDE-19, due to arrive this fall, while its video marks the first look at the effort's visual component. Her album CH III: The Come Up arrived this past February.