Steve Adamyk Band

Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 23

Photo: Connor Evans

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 24, 2014

Ottawa's Steve Adamyk Band put the "power" in "power trio," treating the late day crowd to a set full of driving punk rock tunes. Though it took the band a few tracks to truly get in sync with one another, the performance tightened up nicely for the rest of the set. Uptempo rhythms and relentless guitar riffing served nicely as highlighting for the strength in Adamyk's writing — being able to play to both the high-strung tension of punk music and accessibility of pop without falling strictly into either camp.

The moments of two-man gang vocals between Adamyk and bassist Sebastien Godin sounded much bigger than one might have thought, demonstrating a chemistry between the two that also extended into some humorous stage banter. The trio's set served as a welcome, spirited kick in the rear to rouse the audience in the wake of an afternoon filled with artsy musical fare.

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