Steffi Yours & Mine

Ostgut Ton's roster runs deep with the finest producers in contemporary techno music staying true to the techno sound that has made the Berghain club, and Ostgut Ton, globally respected. The newest member of Ostgut Ton's family, long-time Berghain resident DJ and highly respected producer Steffi, has turned over a new leaf for the label; her new album, Yours & Mine, offers a much needed reworking of the masculine sound that has been Ostgut's focus from the beginning. Yours & Mine gracefully sheds the cold exterior that has dominated the Berlin underground for some time now, allowing the timeless house groove to share the podium. Lightly coated with touches of pure Detroit soul, "Nightspacer," "Manic Moods" and "Arms" all pay homage to American-style atmospherics while delicately dancing on a bed of repetitive 909 beats. This new sound of Berghain is warm and accessible, a much welcomed new direction for Ostgut. (Ostgut Ton)