Stefana Fratila Reveals 'Efemera' Album

Stefana Fratila Reveals 'Efemera' Album
Photo by Peter Hagge
Vancouver experimenter Stefana Fratila released a full-band quirk-folk EP called tristă cu frică last year, but she also revealed her new experimental electronic sound with some low-key digital releases. Now, she's preparing to release a full album of electronic material.

The album is called Efemera, and it will be out on June 21 through Trippy Tapes, with distribution handled by Summer Cool. The release will be out digitally and in a run of 100 cassettes.

The title of Efemera is a feminine play on the Romanian word "efemer," which translates as "ephemeral." It was recorded on a reel-to-reel machine years ago, and Fratila eventually revisited the tracks this past January and finished them off.

The tracklist is below. 


A1. Intro
A2. Pixel Plant/Hound Dawg
A3. Heartland
A4. Interlude I
A5. Nero
A6. Tugging
B1. Ghostjail
B2. Interlude II
B3. Edmonbomb
B4. Efemer(a)