Starlite Desperation Go Kill Mice

If you can imagine a less trashy version of the Cramps, or a trashier version of Prisonshake, you begin to get the idea of what the Starlite Desperation have to offer. Vocalist Dante Adrian hollers and yelps in a vaguely Jon Spencer-esque way through the nine tracks, while the guitars produce a sleazy, garage rock that even the Stooges would be proud of. It's a pretty irresistible mix that grows on you with every subsequent listen. The entire album manages to maintain its momentum until the closing track, "Go Kill Mice," which does drag a little at close to nine minutes. Still, it is much easier to forgive a little bit of guitar solo indulgence at the back end of eight other impassioned songs, so I can let that slip. At the end of the day, this is a very good album that helps to re-inject some life back into the inanimate corpse of rock'n'roll. (Flapping Jet)