Stark Naked and the Fleshtones Compile Their History on New Album Release

Stark Naked and the Fleshtones Compile Their History on New Album Release
Earlier this year, legendary early '80s Toronto punk band Stark Naked and the Fleshtones returned for another reunion after calling it quits in 1985. Now, they've announced plans for yet another show, along with the details for their long-overdue album release.

The group's self-titled album will offer up rare and previously unreleased studio and live tracks, as well as some of their most-loved material, including "I Was a Teenage Stockbroker," "I Wanna Marry Your Mother," "Surfin Simcoe Style," "Fast Cars," "Ugly Girls" and "I Broke Her Heart (She Broke My Arm)."

In a press release, guitarist Eugene Ripper said, "This album represents some unfinished business. Although we were one of the top live acts on the scene back in the original days (1979-1984), the band never released a proper album of material before we broke up -- just bootleg cassettes and the odd video clip. The fact that this collection represents the authentic live experience -- both from the stage and the studio is appropriate and kinda cool. It truly represents what made (and still makes) the group one of the best new wave punks bands Canada."

The Stark Naked and The Fleshtones CD will be available at the band's album release show, which will hit the Garrison in Toronto on September 30. The lineup for Stark Naked and the Fleshtones will include original members Stark Naked and Eugene Ripper alongside recent recruits Ray Walsh and Paul Newman (formerly of the Doughboys).

The album will be officially released on October 1 via Ripper's Soul Surfer Media label.