Stan Rogers

From Coffee House to Concert Hall

BY Gary RusakPublished Dec 1, 1999

This new release of rare and unreleased Stan Rogers material is a fine sampling of a voice that has been sorely missed for almost 20 years now. Rogers’ legend has grown steadily, mostly owing to enigmatic concert tapes that are regularly traded among fans. The release of From Coffee House to Concert Hall marks the first CD that captures the Canadian bard at his best. The soulful sensitive man of wisdom that bemoans modern life and love, Rogers’ voice is a thick rich froth that is easily enjoyed. His brother Garnett’s spirited fiddle and flute work supply the distantly Arcadian fog that floats around the edges of the 20 folky gems on this album. A collection of studio outtakes and recordings mostly culled from CBC Radio tapes, this disk is brimming with bittersweet melodies and memorable lyrical ballads. Previous Rogers CD releases have not transferred well to the format, leaving fans disappointed in the tinny sound and the scant 30-minute running time, but this effort is supreme. Ariel Roberts, producer of From Coffee House…, manages to capture the timeless moments of Rogers’ live performances that set this CD apart from the rest. The sound is alive, the songs are killer and the linear notes are extensive. The production, as a whole, serves as a fitting tribute to the oft forgotten troubadour.
(Fogarty’s Cove & Cole Harbour)

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