Square Root of Margaret Teragram Photeur

With the band name and album title, as well as the trippy artwork, my first impressions were all about expecting a mix of prog and psych rock. Luckily, I was only somewhat mistaken. There’s a definite psychedelic touch to the latest album from Chatham, ON’s finest but it’s more a psych pop thing where these infectious compositions are given just the lightest sprinkle of LSD. Take fun mid-’90s throwback "Time Bomb,” where the lo-fi recording technique befits the upbeat bop and ephemeral haze. The epic "On A Time Delay” also chugs along nicely with its spacey keyboards and weird time signatures. Why, there’s a even a great laid-back acoustic number in "Things People Do.” In the end, Teragram Photeur succeeds because it’s just a lot of fun. The psych tone to the expertly crafted pop music is both nonchalant and slightly tongue-in-cheek, making this an underground gem. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a song entitled "Revisit The Cosmos: With Your Host, Gelatinous ‘Space’ Mendoza”? Exactly. (Independent)