​Spotify Pranks Users with "Discocover Weekly" Playlist

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 1, 2019

Spotify users were confused by their automatically generated "Discover Weekly" playlists this morning, as the streaming service snuck in some April Fool's Day fun. Just for today, users were treated to a "Discocover Weekly" playlist that features, well, disco covers.
Included in the list of covers are Taylor Swift's divisive take on "September," as well as covers by artists like Lizzo ("Stayin' Alive"), the Fall ("Lost in Music) and Babes in Toyland ("We Are Family") — though each playlist will be individually tailored to each user.
If you're a disco hater, you probably got played — but if you're really into covers of disco songs, Spotify's prank backfired and you're in luck.
See some of the hilarious reactions to the streaming gag below.

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