Spoons Static in Transmission

Anybody growing up in Canada during the '80s will have fond memories of Burlington, ON's Spoons, thanks to their classic new wave hit, "Nova Heart." The band never completely called it a day after their 1988 record, Vertigo Tango, performing the sporadic live date, but the lure of the studio was finally too much for them. Static in Transmission is their first album in over 20 years, and while most Canadians haven't been holding their breath waiting for new material, fans will be very pleased that they picked up where they left off more than two decades ago. Those that happily still listen to synthesizer-laden music from the '80s will absolutely love this because of its authenticity and catchiness, while everybody else will wonder why they bothered. The songs are decent enough and there's nothing that will tarnish their legacy, but it isn't as good as a compilation of their finest moments. Still, until Blue Peter are coaxed back into the studio, this will have to do. (Fontana North)