Thanks For Nothing

BY Nicole VilleneuvePublished Sep 13, 2011

Toronto, ON's Spitfist (all former music store co-workers turned friends) formed after nights of partying, an arsenal of inside jokes and a handful of improv jams turned into actual songs. A year after quickly releasing the Sweaty Already EP and playing a ton of shows in Toronto and surrounding areas, singer Stacey McCool, guitarist/vocalist Dee Prescott, bassist Alicia Bernard and drummer Caitlin Watson are back with new seven-inch EP Thanks For Nothing, another collection of party-punk tunes soaked in the same nerve and wit as before, but showing off better production, meatier songs and non-stop hooks. The band's four-song blast of bratty distortion throws itself in and out of a chugging riff and some skate-punk chords on "City Roads," while the dark intro of "Tonight" gives way to a harmonized chorus and a vocal-layered bridge that again proves the four members of Spitfist make a great unit.

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