Toronto's Spitfist Get Documenting with Weekly Video Series

Toronto's Spitfist Get Documenting with Weekly Video Series
If you live in Toronto, you have maybe had the opportunity to catch one of the frequent live shows from the punk-infused rock quartet Spitfist, but if you don't, their new weekly video singles might be a good substitute for the real thing.

A new concept that started for the month of February, the DIY videos are taken from band rehearsal and live shows and feature new songs that aren't found on their debut EP Sweaty Already, which was released in the summer.

"We filmed our set one night in the jam space for timing and shit, and the quality of it was pretty great," vocalist Stacey McCool tells Exclaim! "The first video 'sXe Boy' was from that. We tend to write a new song every time we practise and this is the only way we'll be able to remember them all."

A handful of videos have been released so far, such as "sXe Boy" and "Tonight," the latter of which was filmed at a show at Toronto's Lee's Palace. The songs build on the scrappy, catchy punk/rock'n'roll heard on the Spitfist EP, all wrapped up in the fun sense of humour that's best done by a group of friends.

The band (rounded out by former I Hate Sally vocalist Dee Prescott on guitar and vocals, Caitlin "Dusty" Watson on drums, and Alicia Marie on bass) started from a workplace friendship when all four of them were working together at a local music store. "We all eventually quit or got fired, but the band continued and we're pretty stoked about where it's headed," says McCool.

That direction does include an eventual full-length, and, of course, more shows.

"We're hoping the summer will be pretty tour-heavy," McCool says. "We do have a lot of fun together but I think we're progressing to a new place where putting together catchy, well-constructed songs has become at least equally as important as shot-gunning 20 beers at band practice."

Spitfist's video singles are released on Fridays and can be seen, along with up-to-date show information, on their MySpace.