Sweaty Already

BY Nicole VilleneuvePublished Aug 3, 2010

Toronto, ON's Spitfist know exactly what they want and on their three-song Sweaty Already EP, come charging straight for it. Featuring Stacey McCool on vocals, former I Hate Sally tsunami Dee Prescott on guitars and vocals, Alicia Marie on bass and Caitlin "Dusty" Watson on drums, these four women sound tough and cohesive even through the incredibly rough DIY rehearsal space recording. This comes more from the band's unified attitude (not to mention killer sense of humour) than the actual songs, which are a compact punk/hardcore/party rock blend. Hard, overdriven and bouncy, these short blasts deliver gang vocal-bolstered melodies and gut-wrenching, murderous wailing, as on "Baby Bird," its repeated chorus of "yum yum yum" both a sold hook and silly sing-along flanked by an almost scary, and definitely visceral, intensity from McCool. In just six minutes, Spitfist declare themselves both intimidatingly confident and disarmingly grounded. Who knows what they could do with a whole record.

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