Spirit Club "Still Life" (video)

Spirit Club 'Still Life' (video)
We're not entirely sure how much weed-loving Wavves leader Nathan Williams and the rest of his Spirit Club side-project are actually saying that there's "no hope with dope," but the fuzzed-out pop project have ground some '90s-vintage anti-pot propaganda into a video for new single "Still Life."

The single itself is an intoxicating plume of dank, distorted chords and high-life vocal harmonies, while the video pays homage to that time the Saved By the Bell gang were pressured by super cool movie star Johnny Dakota to take a hit off a wicked spliff. Also laced into the clip are shots of a cat-napping skeleton, idyllic and sudsy beach scenes, and Lisa Simpson's fiery Christmas concert tribute to Tawanga.

A Sprit Club LP is expected to land in the spring, but you can take in all of "Still Life" down below.