Wavves Offshoot Spirit Club Ready 'Slouch' LP

Wavves Offshoot Spirit Club Ready 'Slouch' LP
Wavves' Nathan Williams has announced another full-length release of reverb-shrouded pop from his Spirit Club. Together with brother Joel Williams and Andrew Caddick, they've produced a sophomore collection called Slouch.

The new record is due October 21 through Nathan Williams's own Ghost Ramp imprint. It follow the threesome's self-titled debut from 2015 and features 12 tracks. This includes "Fast Ice," a song first premiered in 2015, shortly after the release of Spirit Club's album. The Slouch edition features a lot of fuzz and playful chimes, differing from the lo-fi approach delivered last year.

You can stream the song again down below, where you'll also find the tracklisting info for Slouch.


1. Fast Ice Intro
2. Fast Ice
3. Your Eyes Tell Lies
4. Metal Dream
5. Room to Run
6. That's My Curse
7. Broken Link
8. Lately I Haven't Been Sleeping
9. Needful Things
10. Nearly As Much As You
11. I'm In Heaven
12. You're So Mean