Spider Bags Someday Everything Will Be Fine

Spider Bags Someday Everything Will Be Fine
In the world of Someday Everything Will Be Fine, nothing stays fixed. Like pulling into a highway gas station at 4 a.m., the latest from North Carolina's Spider Bags feels liminal, reckoning with the question: where do we go from here? In response, Spider Bags craft a patchwork of charbroiled rock, slouching towards an unknown future and finding freedom in their precariousness.
Someday Everything Will Be Fine is an experience of sprawl, unfurling from opener "Reckless." Aptly named, the fuzz-drenched track starts as if in mid-thought, before winding past guitar licks stuffed with distortion and through falsetto yelps of singer Dan McGee. "Someday everything will be fine," McGee repeats, imagining a future of equilibrium, even as he wonders which version of himself will get there.
This loose, spilling energy does not translate to a lack of moment-to-moment intensity. On "Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story)," Spider Bags let loose with a thrashing blaze, guaranteed to conjure up mosh pits wherever it's played. The record also features some of the band's most indelible imagery, populated by a "child asleep in the back of a hearse" and "a girl with a pentagram tattooed on the front of her neck," moments of specificity and clarity that light our path along the journey.
In answer to where we are going, Spider Bags have no big answers. Perhaps someday everything will be fine. Until then, Spider Bags are having a good time. They'd love to have you along for the ride. (Merge)