Sonic Syndicate Only Inhuman

The second full-length from this Swedish sextet will draw immediate comparisons to some recent In Flames releases. This might be enough to deter many melodic death fans from further investigation of Sonic Syndicate. Fortunately, there is enough variety, songwriting skill and overwhelming catchiness on Only Inhuman to make this band a bit of a guilty pleasure for the most seasoned of metal heads. Unlike In Flames, Sound Syndicate don’t have that impressive back catalogue to live up to, and they make no qualms about their desires to write the most infectious songs possible — they have even drawn praise from Anders Friden himself. Sonic Syndicate are one of those bands that front two singers who share the vocal lines. However, unlike most bands, which usually feature trade-offs and minimal interaction between singers, Sonic Syndicate’s songs usually see both lead vocalists singing atop one another. Throw in limited singing contributions from every member of the band (save the drummer) and you get a fascinating variety of sounds. The songs themselves, mostly seeming similar to Reroute To Remain, also sound a touch like Killswitch Engage in their mix between ferocity and very impressive clean vocals. Sonic Syndicate are a band with dangerous potential. Endorsements from popular metal powers that be, along with a hook-filled sound, could make this band one to watch. (Nuclear Blast)