Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil

It’s an interesting concept, to go back and revisit the early part of your career by re-recording early material, but not always one that works. While other established bands such as Destruction and Dimmu Borgir have tried to do this in recent years, with middling results, this is an instance where it actually works. Instead of having their current line-up head into the studio, German thrashers Sodom take the band’s original 1984 line-up in for another kick at first release In The Sign Of Evil, as well as seven additional tracks that were written but not recorded at the time. The original three, Tom Angelripper, plus guitarist Gave Violator and drummer Chris Witchhunter, have limitations to their ability — apparently Witchhunter proved to be an even worse drummer 23 years later. But with updated production values and more balls than the original under-produced versions, this new attempt is a keeper, even with its atrocious cover artwork. (SPV)