Sloan Detail Massive 'One Chord to Another' Anniversary Box Set

Sloan Detail Massive 'One Chord to Another' Anniversary Box Set
Sloan's big 20th anniversary tour behind their landmark One Chord to Another album kicks off next week, but the Canadian pop-rock icons have started the celebrations a bit early. The previously promised deluxe box set behind the 1996 release officially goes up for sale today (March 31) through the group's website.

In the same vein as the deluxe vinyl box set release for Twice Removed issued in 2012, this latest collection comprises the original album, B-sides, demos and more. This time around, you're getting three vinyl LPs, a 7-inch and a bonus digital-only record.

For the LPs, first up is the original 12-song One Chord to Another, which has been remastered from the original tapes. The second vinyl record contains a collection of outtakes and is described in a video from bassist Chris Murphy and guitarist Jay Ferguson as a "lost Sloan record," showcasing material recorded by the band between 1994's Twice Removed and One Chord to Another. It features 11 songs that Murphy noted "never really surfaced later in our career."

The third LP houses Recorded "Live" at a Sloan Party, a collection featuring some cover songs recorded live in front of a bunch of friends. Bands Sloan pay tribute to include Roxy Music ("Over You") and Modern Lovers ("Dignified and Old").

Prior to this box set, the Party sessions had only been issued on the double-CD edition of One Chord to Another released through since-shuttered U.S. imprint the Enclave. The first official Canadian pressing features new cover art prepped by Murphy, which, as with the recordings themselves, are modelled after the Beach Boys' 1965 Beach Boys Party!

Also included in the box is 7-inch of demos, while a song-for-song demos version of One Chord to Another is being offered up as part of the digital download.

Beyond the music, the box includes a 32-page, 12x12 booklet that acts as an oral history of the era, while an additional zine collects various articles and pieces of artwork from the time.

As an "Easter egg," 20 copies of the set have also been filled with a series of four autographed photographs of the band, which were taken by Catherine Stockhausen.

Below, you'll find the full breakdown of the One Chord to Another box set, as well as the announcement video. You can order your copy over here, starting at 9 a.m. EDT.

As previously reported, Sloan have already announced a couple of legs of North American dates to support OCTA20, with each night featuring a full-album performance of One Chord to Another and a second set of favourites. You'll find the show specifics over here.

One Chord to Another 20th Anniversary Box Set:

LP 1: One Chord to Another

1. The Good In Everyone
2. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
3. Autobiography
4. Junior Panthers
5. G Turns To D
6. A Side Wins
7. Everything You've Done Wrong
8. Anyone Who's Anyone
9. The Lines You Amend
10. Take The Bench
11. Can't Face Up
12. 400 Metres 

LP 2: The Outtakes

1. El Say 
2. Pictures Now 
3. Adele 
4. Baxter 
5. I'm Gonna Give It A Try 
6. Song #1 
7. Learn How To Play Dead 
8. Imagine All Songs 
9. Flexible Flyer 
10. In My Mind 
11. Teachers In The Bleachers 

LP 3: Recorded "Live" at a Sloan Party

1. Let's Get the Party Started
2. I Can Feel It
3. Dignified and Old (Jonathan Richman)
4. Glitter and Gold (Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)
5. Over You (Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzanera)
6. I Am the Cancer
7. I Can't Let Go (Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni)
8. Stood Up (Matthew Grimson)
9. On the Road Again/Transona Five (Jones and Wilson/Gane and Sadier)
10. I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love (Myles Goodwin)


1. Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo) 
2. John, You Made It On (G Turns To D demo)

One Chord to Another Demos (Digital Only)

1. The Good In Everyone (demo)
2. Billy Joel (Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay demo)
3. Autobiography (demo)
4. Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo)
5. John, You Made It On (G Turns To D demo)
6. A Side Wins (demo)
7. Everything You've Done Wrong (demo)
8. Everyone Who's Anyone (Anyone Who's Anyone demo)
9. Found A Way (The Lines You Amend demo)
10. Sing Your Little Heart Out (Take The Bench demo from Pier 21)
11. Can't Face Up (demo from Idea Of East Recording)
12. 400 Metres (demo)