Slayer’s Kerry King Promises Two More Albums

Slayer’s Kerry King Promises Two More Albums
According to an interview with metal blog The Quietus - which you might remember for leaking portions of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy and dealing with the extreme backlash - Slayer’s Kerry King has said he hopes to record two more Slayer albums before the band calls it quits.

While vocalist Tom Araya told Thrash Hits that the thought of 50-year-olds head-banging makes him "cringe” earlier this year, King has remained optimistic that the legendary thrash metal band will have a new album out by next summer, with another album not far behind.

"If we do get a record out next year - and everything's pointing to yes - before the summer time when we tour that I'd want to start working on another one because we're all having a good time,” King said. "I think the time's gonna come when somebody just says: 'I'm done. I don't wanna do this any more.' Because we've been doing it more than half of our lives. [starts laughing] But I'm having a blast! You saw the show yesterday - I had a blast yesterday. I'm going to have more of a blast today because I'm more familiar with the set we're doing.”

If and when the band do break-up, King revealed he has slightly different plans for his own future. "I've got so many friends in this business - more than any one else [in Slayer] because I hang out more so I've got a lot of options and I could just about play with anybody who is anybody. I wouldn't have to start over but I'm certainly not going to start another career as long as this one.”

Kerry King and his BC Rich guitar