Sky Ferreira Shares Release Date for New Single "Don't Forget"

No, but for real this time

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 19, 2022

Surprise! Betting you thought you'd seen the last of her, the ever-elusive Sky Ferreira has detailed the release of her comeback single "Don't Forget."

After teasing the song by posting a snippet on Instagram back in March, Ferreira shared the single's release date and cover art yesterday (May 18). Twice, actually: she deleted the first post, but second time's the charm.

"I won't panic and delete it this time," the pop star promised in the caption, adding that "Don't Forget" will be dropping on May 25 — next Friday — via Capitol Records. She also provided a pre-save link.

Ever since Ferreira's debut album Night Time, My Time came out back in 2013, its follow-up (potentially still called Masochism?) has been in the works. She released her first new music following the LP with standalone single "Downhill Lullaby" in 2019, and has since confirmed that her long-awaited new album is "actually coming out" this year.

See the Instagram post from Ferreira below (and quick, before it disappears again!).

A post shared by Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira)


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