Skinny Dyck Can't Stop "Dreamin'" in New Video

The track is from the Alberta-based country singer's debut album 'Get to Know Lonesome'
Skinny Dyck Can't Stop 'Dreamin'' in New Video
Lethbridge, AB-based country artist Skinny Dyck dropped his debut album Get to Know Lonesome in July, packed with downtrodden, pedal steel-driven tracks affectionately dubbed "loser country." Now, Dyck has released a wistful new video for breakout single "Dreamin'."

True to the way "Dreamin'" mashes up the album's mopey through-line with an upbeat rock backbone, the video oscillates between the monotonous reality of a lonely barfly (Brent Coulton) and his vivid dreams of fame, connection and accomplishment. 

Says video director Aaron Trozzo, "We wove in and out of the fabric of the local landscape and consciousness for three days straight. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a dream." 

Watch the "Dreamin'" video below.