'Singles' Soundtrack to Get Expanded Reissue?

'Singles' Soundtrack to Get Expanded Reissue?
Some 23 years after Cameron Crowe's Seattle-centric film Singles hit movie screens, a rumour is going around that its grunge-loving soundtrack is getting an expanded release. This is coming from former Sub Pop signees Truly, who are suggesting that a song of theirs that was used in the movie will finally be resting alongside tracks from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains on an upcoming re-release.

Late last night (May 13), the band said in a Facebook post [via Modern Vinyl] that they had learned that their "Heart and Lungs," pulled from a 1991 self-titled EP on Sub Pop, is supposedly being included on a an upcoming reissue being delivered through Sony Music's Legacy Recordings in August.

The act added that the song had been used in the film and was to have been included on the soundtrack, "but was bumped right before pressing due to pressure from various managers to add more songs from the other major label artist."

The original collection included two previously unreleased tracks from Pearl Jam, as well as material from Seattle acts Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, the Lovemongers (a.k.a. Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson), Jimi Hendrix, Mother Love Bone and Chris Cornell. It also featured two songs from the Replacements' Paul Westerberg and Smashing Pumpkins' "Drown." Apparently, it will now also include Truly's "Heart and Lungs," much to the delight of the band.

"We had heard it was Cameron Crowe's favorite track in the film so were very glad to see it finally included," they wrote.

It should be noted that nothing has been confirmed by Sony or its Legacy Recordings at present, so consider this rumour for now. That said, the film's fictional Citizen Dick, which was fronted by actor Matt Dillon and featured members of Pearl Jam, issued their "Touch Me, I'm Dick" single on vinyl last month as part of Record Store Day. Perhaps the timing is just right for a full soundtrack reissue.

Truly comprised Robert Roth, former Soundgarden member Hiro Yamamoto, Screaming Trees' Mark Pickerel and Ty Bailey. The band issued two EPs and 1995's Fast Stories...From Kid Coma LP through Sub Pop before delivering their final album, Feeling You Up, through Thick/Cargo in 1997. They started playing shows again in 2013.