Silverstein / Four Year Strong / I The Mighty

London Music Hall, London ON, February 28

Photo: Karen K. Tran

BY Karen K. TranPublished Feb 29, 2020

On the first night of their 20th anniversary tour, Silverstein played a jam-packed two-hour set that spanned ten full albums. Their comprehensive set list included "Burn it Down" and "Infinite" from their upcoming album, A Beautiful Place to Drown, which will be released on March 6.
The tour is supported by American bands I The Mighty — who performed a never-before-played song, "Where I Want to Be," which will be on their recently completed album — and Four Year Strong, whose new album release coincided with the first day of tour. Four Year Strong performed "Get Out of My Head" and "Talking Myself in Circles" from their new album, Brain Pain.
The night was filled with relentless mosh pits and crowd surfers; some of those earned a high five from Silverstein vocalist Shane Told. To squeeze in as many songs as possible, Silverstein played seamless medleys of songs from A Shipwreck in the Sand and This is How the Wind Shifts.
In the middle of their set, Silverstein slowed things down with a six-song acoustic set, complete with string accompaniment, including highlights such as their Punk Goes Pop cover of OneRepublic's "Apologize," the Redux album (where the band redid songs from the first decade of their career) version of "Still Dreaming" and also performed a deep cut, "Red Light Pledge."
Told prefaced the performance by reminiscing about their touring career. "We have been playing shows in London since 2001 and one of the first times we were here we played at a house party. We sold CD-EPs on the front lawn, and 'Red Light Pledge' was on that CD."
Following the acoustic set was a full play of their breakthrough album, Discovering the Waterfront. As a band with a 20-year career, Silverstein have amassed an extremely dedicated fan base. Crowd surfers could be seen singing along to every lyric during the energetic album set. During the performance of one of Silverstein's most beloved songs, "My Heroine," the band paused playing to let the audience sing out the lyrics to the entire chorus.
The set ended with confetti and fireworks after an encore performance of "Bleeds No More." Silverstein's 20th anniversary tour evokes nostalgia, with the Discovering the Waterfront set, and celebrates their greatest hits, while still generating positive reactions for their 10th album.

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