Siebenburgen Delictum

Corpse paint has come a long way since that guy with the runny eye makeup was spotted headbanging in that Celtic Frost video lo those many years ago. Generally, corpse paint is still a bad idea, but at least the stuff can look halfway decent these days. I'd wager that even those striking poses at Elm Street (the famed Norwegian black metal hangout) are pointing and laughing at this bunch of boobs. However, it's Kicki Höijertz that saves this album from lapsing into the totally dire category. Höijertz has the sense to keep the corpse paint off and utilise her obvious penchant for the operatic and her talent at conjuring up memorable vocal phrases, essentially making the music much more palatable. Listening to Siebenbürgen is kind of like listening to dance/pop music: you rarely, if ever, can recall the actual instrumental component to a song, rather it's the vocal hooks that worm their way into your head. You know, if she weren't in this band, they would really suck. (Napalm)