Sic Alps Return with Napa Asylum

Sic Alps Return with <i>Napa Asylum</i>
Lo-fi garage pop trio Sic Alps followed a string of singles with their excellent breakthrough album U.S. EZ in 2008. Since then, the band have slowed down significantly on the recording front, instead opting to stay on the road. Now, they've finally laid down a new LP for release early next year.

According to a press release, the album is called Napa Asylum and "represents the years when they slowed way down and took a minute to reflect." The release describes the record as "a fresh assortment of Sic pleasures, echoing half-emptily as the hooks slide into your flesh, animating you in marionette-style you to tip-tap your way across the dance-floor. Get your steps in while you can, the songs are as short as they are bitter-sweet."

If you're worried they've upped the production ante, however, fret not, as the press release assures that, like all of the Sic Alps recordings, Napa Asylum was made with just "a delay pedal, reverb tank, two microphones, $100 preamp and Tascam 388."

Sic Alps will release Napa Asylum on January 25 via Drag City.