Shotgun Jimmie Still Jimmie

Multi-talented songwriter Jim Kilpatrick has done his fair share of experimenting with quirky indie pop structures but, by and large, he takes on grittier classic rock fare on the excellent Still Jimmie. With Attack in Black serving as his backing band, Jimmie employs more roar in virtually every arrangement, belting out his folksy, homespun songs with more unhinged conviction than on any of his previous efforts. There are still chunks of Pavement in rockers like "Mind Crumb" but shades of Sonic Youth and Crazy Horse also colour Still Jimmie on pieces like "Province to Province" or "Waist Deep in the Water." The haze clears enough for Simone Schmidt of One Hundred Dollars to lend her distinctive voice to the decidedly indie rock "Quicksand," and Jimmie clearly enjoys his dancing partner. With impassioned meat'n'potatoes rockers like "Cost of Doing Business" housing his clever, biting lyrics, Shotgun Jimmie conjures a mighty musical marriage on Still Jimmie. (You've Changed)