Shannon Lyon Someday Mourning

Following Bound, which was released in the fall of 2003, alt-country troubadour extraordinaire Shannon Lyon releases his second live disc on Kitchener-Waterloo’s independent label Busted Flat Records. This intimate performance was captured in November 2002 at Linde — a small, cozy club in Affalter, Germany, except for "Jenny’s Song,” which was recorded at C’est What, one of Lyon’s favourite Toronto haunts. Like its predecessor, Someday Mourning includes one new, previously unreleased track, the title song. This dirge depicts the songwriter’s clever wordplay and showcases Lyon’s ability to craft literary lyrics; the weary world wanderer shows no signs of slowing down. Rather, his muse continues to find new and interesting expressions. Robin Berlijn on electric guitar and Roman Schuster on accordion join Lyon. Supposedly, Schuster showed up at the gig knowing Lyon’s songs, and the grateful songwriter let him join him on stage for the evening. This spontaneity and different instrumentation adds a new layer to Lyon’s sound that is not found on previous records, creating that unexpected element that makes a good live performance great. Someday Mourning is a mixture of songs from Lyon’s past three studio releases (Summer Blonde, Dharma, and Wandered). The disc ends with one of the singer’s favourites: "Soul of the World.” Here, the sorrowful sounds of Schuster’s accordion perfectly complement the mood of Lyon’s contemplative lyrics: "And what we had to get over/ has made us look a little older/ made us feel/ a little stronger/ we’ll probably live/ a little longer/ in the soul of the world.” (Busted Flat)