Shai Hulud Announce 'Reach Beyond the Sun' Album for February Release

Shai Hulud Announce 'Reach Beyond the Sun' Album for February Release
Earlier this year, we reported that pop-punk master Chad Gilbert would take some time out of his busy New Found Glory schedule to return to his rightful place as the screaming vocalist for Florida metalcore masters Shai Hulud. Now, the band's album with Gilbert on board has been completely detailed.

Called Reach Beyond the Sun, the record is slated for a February 19 delivery via Metal Blade Records. That's the sun-reaching album art above; check out a brief album trailer, complete with the expected melodic metal riffing you should expect by now, below.

On their Facebook page, the band offered up the following statement:

The reception to the teaser trailer left us speechless. We're so deeply thankful  for everyone who watched it, shared it, or spoke about it. Our excitement to release the album is now through the roof - all because of all of you. In the grand scheme of music, Hardcore is this tiny, stinky little hollow. And somewhere deep within that hollow, buried in a sub-infinitesimal asscrack, you found us scratching about. Incredible. And the fact we seemingly think and feel similarly is tremendous. Nothing we'll ever take for granted.

Since he's got a lot of pop-punk on his plate already, Gilbert will not be working as Shai Hulud's permanent new vocalist. "Just to be clear, Chad has not rejoined Shai Hulud, and it's highly unlikely there will ever be a full tour with him fronting the band," guitarist Matt Fox wrote in a statement earlier this year. Stay tuned for more information on the band's new vocalist as it becomes available.