Shaggy Now Claims "It Wasn't Me" Was an "Anti-Cheating Song"

He's also shared a modern 2020 update of the track
Shaggy Now Claims 'It Wasn't Me' Was an 'Anti-Cheating Song'
If you're the protagonist's partner in Shaggy's everlasting hit "It Wasn't Me," you know that it's tough to take this guy's words at face value. Still, Shaggy has something interesting to say about the timeless tune — it's supposedly an "anti-cheating" anthem.

"It Wasn't Me" just turned 20 last week, and to celebrate, Shaggy shared a new version of the song featuring Rayvon. To discuss the track, Shaggy appeared on France 24, where he made the big reveal about the song's meaning.

"The big misconception of 'It Wasn't Me' is the fact that it's actually an anti-cheating song," he said. "Because at the end of the song, it goes 'I'm going to apologize to her for the things I've done.' You think you're a player but you're completely lost. The apology is at the end of the song."

Why don't people focus on the apology? Shaggy claims it's because the song is simply too good.

"The problem with the song is that it's such a club banger that everybody plays the song but they never get to the apology at the end. They just mix into the next record," he said.

Watch Shaggy discuss the song's meaning below, where you can also find the "Hot Shot 2020" edition of "It Wasn't Me."